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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

To our littlest hatchling

I feel sometimes as though I ought to apologise,

for the bigger hatchlings in your life.

The 1 year old hatchling in particular, she adores you.

The truth is that they all do.

They had a relatively quieter baby hatchling'hood, to some degree.

They did not have quite so many voices shouting 'You are my sunshine.'

They had slightly fewer hatchlings who just have to squeeze them, the moment they open their eyes; even though dear baby hatchling, your eyes have only just closed.

They had fewer sticky fingers stroking their soft tufts of hair, fewer interruptions to their milk meals, and fewer crazy drivers for their pushchair.

There were fewer comments on the appearance of their nappies, fewer pesky pokes, and yelled, 'I love yous' right into their ear.

And for all that my mothering guilt is fed by the knowledge that I have less time to spend gazing adoringly into your beautiful blue eyes, and more times that I have to wake you to attend to their needs.

I'm not actually sorry, my smallest sweetheart.

Not even a little bit.

Because we have not yet had a baby hatchling with more adoring fans,

With more listening ears for each and every coo,

with more eager arms to snuggle them.

I am not sorry because you have an amazing team of best friends, who will have your back no matter what.

I know that you would not trade the cacophony of love that surrounds you for my undivided attention.

(Though I am sorry, that you have to go out with jam in your hair. Sometimes.)

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