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Monday, 1 December 2014

Village Christmas tree lighting and Panto

What a way to start the Christmas season, with a community event and a huge lot of baking.

Snowball cupcakes,

Lots and 

lots of donuts,

tray upon tray of brandy, port and cranberry mince pies,

several batches of triple chocolate cupcakes,

and for every table a sugar cookie tree.

The evening started with the salvation army brass bank playing in the dim street light as the crowd grew.

The volunteers took mulled wine and mince pies out to the growing crowd.

Carols were sung, and at last the tree was lit up.

Hatchling no5's face was a picture.

He just stare and gasp looking up at the bright lights. 

The reflection of the colours off the puddles around him and it eyes was the stuff commercials try to capture.

Then we all piled into the tiny town hall for dinner and the panto.

What a lovely way to spend an evening, and we are thankful.

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