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Friday, 5 December 2014

Advent day 5: Relax and drink Nog!

We love December.

We love the rushing and too'ing and fro'ing.

We love the baking and crafting and so many excuses to do exactly what we would already be doing,

just holiday themed.

That is probably the most important thing.

The doing what you love.

If all this wintery, christmasy, yule tide cheerful stuff is driving you bonkers, just breath and drink nog.

It is okay.

Here is my nog post of past.

Today, we are trial running recipes, just to make sure they are ready for Daddydragon's return.

We are having a test drive sort of day. 

Test driving all things gingerbread and cookie.

In between, we are making a few crafty bits.

Mostly, of the crochet variety.

Hatchling number one has a hankering for bunting.

And I'm refusing to pay for any.

So we are off to make these:

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