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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Time rushes quickly away

It feels sometimes as though the minutes of the day slip through our fingers and there is nothing we can do to slow it all down.

Projects stack up, work flows in, and suddenly a month or more passes by.

We have officially return to the roaring winds, that stomp and snarl like lions outside the door. 

And every where you look there are people eagerly anticipating the year's end all ready.

Don't throw away these last few weeks, they will go by plenty quickly as it is.

Instead free up you time.

And try meditating.

A very long time ago I bought the hatchling a set of children's meditation cds, and they have brought them out again. 

They tell me every one should meditate, it is good to rest your head.

Hence, I am passing on their message.

And wishing you a good mid week.

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