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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas fayre

I think the one part of Worcester which I miss, is the Victorian Christmas fayre.

I appreciate my family would paint a different picture.

Freezing cold fingers, large crowds, and a lot of noise.

However, there is something quite wonderful, in the smells and sights and sounds.

Roasted chestnuts, liquor laden hot chocolates, and row upon row of holiday confectionary.

I think what I like best is that feeling of community, and having worked running a festival, I have a very real idea of just how much work goes into orchestrating an event like it.

Last night was our local Christmas fayre and it was small and quiet by comparison. It did not flow through the winding city streets.

Instead it was held inside a town hall. 

Every corner, nook and cranny filled.

There were no big name brands, but there were dozens and dozens of local hand crafters, cheesemakers, and lots of community spirit.

Instead of paying four pounds for a single drink, everyone was handed drinks and a plate of food as they came in. 

It went on late as everyone chatted and danced, and the children ran about playing.

It was a lovely evening.

And it makes me very appreciative of this fine little community.

So it seems the season has begun, for us anyways.

Tomorrow we are bring our vaste collection of chocolate moulds to a friends, where our collective ten children will make chocolates for gifting to postmen and teachers and friends.

The weekend that follows is our island's Christmas tree lighting, supper, and dance. Followed by the weekend long Christmas bazaar.

Suddenly, it will be December!

I will post a Christmas advent of activities  which thanks to a newly found interest in pinterest should be quite extensive this year.

That site is dangerous.

For now though we shall try to enjoy the remains of November, and I hope that yours is passing as gently as our own.

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