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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Making poppies

This is my latest of many attempts at crocheting a good poppy.

For whatever reason, this year, I decided I wanted to make our poppies.

Partly, because the paper ones just aren't the same as the soft velour feeling ones we had when I was a child, partly, because we bought about 30 last year and still managed not to have a full set for the remembrance ceremony, and mostly, because like many other parts of my life, I don't want to buy it. I want to participate, live, give, grow, learn and be a part of things. 

I could buy a poppy, or I can spend hours trying my best to make them, spending the time pondering the significance and meaning of it all.

So this year, I'm making our poppies.

And if you are interested, I'll pass on what I've done, if you want to make the poppy in the top pic. (Just comment if you want the write up for any of the others)

In black, chain 3 sc and join with a slip stich to form a ring.
Crochet 2 dc stitches into each of the three stitches in the circle, and change to red.

In red, chain 2 and crochet in 2 dc in each of the 6 stitches for a total of 12 dc in the round.

When you have 12, slip stitch to join.

Do not chain, go straight into a triple crochet stitch, in the first loop. Then another, so 2 triple crochet stitches in your first stitch. 

Then put three tc's into the next stitch, then two tc's in the third stich.

In the fourth stitch, only one single crochet.

There is your first petal.

Do this again three more times. 

12 stitches = 2 tc, 3 tc, 2 tc, 1 sc, 2 tc, 3 tc, 2 tc, 1 sc, 2 tc, 3 tc, 2 tc, 1 sc, 2 tc, 3 tc, 2 tc, 1 sc

and then slipstitch it closed.

Ta da!

Oh and if you have a better crochet or knit poppy pattern, I would love to know. 

Please do comment, and link. 

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