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Friday, 3 October 2014

Stoptober - Day 3

The sun rise this morning.

It is a gift to be able to wake up early and write.

For this blessing, I am thankful.

And working in the early hours, affords me the opportunity to take a cup of coffee outside and watch the sun come up.

We are three days in to our annual Stoptober, and have not yet needed to spend anything above expected bills.

We are getting geared up to list on ebay, though I'm holding out for Sunday evening, apparently that is the best day to list items to end on.

We have sold various items over our local for sale board and will continue to work towards our £200 goal.

It is a funny thing, this not spending, allowing ourselves an artificial reason to say no to buying things we don't need, actually brings a lot of peace into our home.

There is a certain sense of easy living, and we turn ourselves toward the things that matter more to us, from which we are frequently distracted.

I can only assume this was what lent was meant to feel like and achieve.

Anyways, I hope your October is starting off well.

Whether you are stoptober'ing, crock'tobering (which we seem to be doing with out intentions - dinner went into the slowcooker today for the fourth day in a row.) Or just working your way through another month.

May this month bring you peace, joy and prosperity.

Happy Friday! 

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