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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The things I never want to forget...

I never want to forget:

Hatchling no1 pronouncing beautiful, blue - tiful, or hatchling no3 calling puddles, muddles.

I do not want to forget the soft breathy voice of hatchling no5 telling us all his stories in baby cooing language, or the way he now sings the good night song with his head snuggled against my shoulder.

Hatchling no2 singing and dancing to Billy Joel, her looking me straight in the eye after I told her off for something, 'You may be right, I may be crazy, but it might just be a lunatic your looking for.' That girl has a knack for quotes, right when I need to hear them.

I do not want to forget the way the boys say, 'tight tight', instead of sleep tight, or the hysterical laughter that comes from the boys room when I close the door at bedtime. Hatchling no4 tells hatchling no5, 'You label less! (fabulous)'. And they both think it is the best joke ever.

I love how the hatchlings bloom into big brothers and sisters. The secret keepers of all the best post -bedtime games. How they share little looks before they go and raid the cupboards or my desk. Partners in crime. The way they look so genuinely upset to see one another hurt.

The way hatchling no3 still sings Elton John's 'Your song' to hatchling no5. Or the way she tenderly holds baby animals, as though she has an instinctive knowledge of caring for small creatures.

I wish to always remember hatchling no4's play fight with his brother and telling him, 'my horse field  (force field) is in - pen - i - triable.' And hatchling no5 simply denying the fact with a 'Nope!' before shouting, 'Gotcha' and tagging his brother.

There are so many fleeting little blessings in our every day. I only wish I could hold tight to them all.

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