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Saturday, 20 July 2013

A great day to be alive

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful day.

The sun and the sea... I am truly blessed to be.

We have had a busy morning with football matches and chores.

Treats received for a good football game.

He is pretty pleased with himself.

Bunnies to tidy up after.

So cute that furry nose!

Chickens everywhere!

This poulet is going to have such lovely markings.

We bathed the grubby ducklings. 

Before heading down to the beach.

Isn't that water gorgeous!

The hatchlings ran around collecting shells,

splashing in waves,

until some friends came along to bbq on the beach with us.

There was many treasures buried and recovered.

Does this girl not have the most awesome taste in shoes!

Hatchling no4 ran off with the remaining baguette,

before this hatchling ran out of steam.

So we waved goodbye, and returned home, thankful for such a wonderful day.

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