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We are a hard working, family of eight. Swimming in the sea when we aren't busy on our small holding. Daddy dragon has to work away a lot, so this blog is to let him keep up with our adventures at home.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Beaches and bunnies

Early morning beach trips start a day off right,

this little guy

keeps trying to bury me in the sand.

While this hatchling like to see the sky on the bottom and the sea on the top.

Two pirates whose ship has sunk await rescue...

And then after lunch we went and picked up

some bunnies to love.

This hatchling has been hoping for a new bunny since our family rabbit was stolen in a house break in.

So much cuteness.

And despite being only 8 weeks old, these bunnies seemed to warm very quickly to their hatchling.

Welcome to your new home bunnies!

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