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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Winding down

It still amazes me, watching the drastic shift in the daylight. As we loose an hour every ten days, it feels dramatic. 

The children had been out running about in the field until past nine, fighting sleep, because they sun is too shiny, just mere weeks ago. Now, they are heading to bed easily by eight.

There has been this inner shift towards crafts, baking, puzzles and renewed feeling of wanting to get work done inside.

Not that we are not greatful for the gentle approach autumn is making.

Well, gentle towards us.

Just down the road from us, is a very large farm. 

It took the farmer three whole days to cut all the hay.

He was out cutting at 5am.

He was still out there at 10pm.

For three long, beautiful sunny days.

And then it rained, for four days straight.

Finally, a stretch of sunshine, and after two days of solid sunshine,

he drove out to bale it all, and the machine broke down.

Two more days he spent out there, trying to do what he could,

before the rain came back.

Which it did.

And now,

a flock of fat geese, literally thousands of geese, have decided to camp out on his land.

I can't imagine that is good, those birds soiling his hay.

I don't know how bad this is for him, but I am betting it is pretty awful.

While I don't mean to spread bad news, I just wanted to say, 

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