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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Preparing for Stoptober

This year has been such an overwhelmingly expensive year for us.

And the bills certainly are not shy about continually appearing through my letter box.

How about you?

Do you feel the same?

I find that the stores really ramp up their 'you really need to buy this' strategies in the lead up to Christmas.

It starts so early, too.

The Christmas chocolates are already out and have been for weeks.

I don't mean to sound pathetic, but I will admit, I find it hard not to spend money if I start to browse through the many shops, as they urge me to spend, spend, spend.

So, the last two years, I have just chosen to opt out.

I start in September by slowing down my shopping. 

I halve my budget.

And In October, I aim to spend half what I spent in September.

Essentially, cutting my weekly shopping to a quarter. 

Which sounds impossible at the outset, but I have found it has made me far more conscious of my spending into Christmas.

And truthfully, it gives me a little boost, to clear out the cupboards, and sell things on. 

If I sell £50 worth of old clothes, I can spend that.

I have wool to keep me busy, knitting gifts, old clothes to cut up and quilt, and many other little diy projects that I really can make do and mend, in order to achieve the results I would like.

Without any new expense.

And that food pantry and freezer, we all know how congested that can become. 

It has made sure, I actually use up what I have long since bought, on sale, and never looked at again. 

A bargain is not a bargain, if you never use it.

I have found that since starting this, we start off January, in good terms financially, and feeling hopeful.

The children too, really get into the spirit and this year have promised to do an inventory list for me of everything I have tossed into our pantry, so we can make the best use of what we already have.

So, this is us, one week in to our Slowtember, preparing for Stoptober.

Do you ever make an opportunity to reevaluate your spending, or re - focus your finances?

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