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Monday, 7 April 2014

Just a little out of reach

When you are young, I use young very figuratively, you assume, at some point, you will suddenly have everything figured out. 

When the heck is this going to happen? 

Seriously, it's infuriating.

The more I know, the more I find out just how little I know.

Anyways, so we got this new little person.

and she is a blessing beyond words.

And in the back ground, we have been hunting around for a long term, forever and a day sort of family home.

And it just continues to elude us.

I always thought the paying down student debt, waiting on having a deposit, hoping to find some bank manager dozy enough to maybe take a chance on us would be the hard, probably never going to happen bit of life.

Then again, I thought that about marriage, children, and having a book published.

And they only went and happened.

But surely the easy part is finding a house right? 

I mean there are millions of them listed online.

One gorgeous pile of stone sitting beach front and looking like everything a girl could dream of, doesn't have right of way, or a septic tank, or like anything else to define it as a house.

Turns out banks don't like that very much.

Regardless of my bitty heart's desire.

The next place is everything we could ever want in a working farm and more. 

The catch, we came all the way out here, to wind up with a house stuck between two hills, no view of anything but the neighbours house so close you can sit in the front room and spit on them. Oh, and a ridiculously busy road, mere feet from your front door. 

Well, busy by local standards.

There are properties in abundance but they are all either dirt cheap and need a lotta lotta work, like cheers for the damp mould infested grovel, at least the view is grand. 

Or you end up paying your heart and soul, for something that you just know you don't know enough about houses, to recognise expensive style problems. 

Problems that you aren't simply alerted to by an olfactory response.


Ah, first world problems.

I am thankful.

Oh, and for daddy dragon.

Turns out she likes the swing.


Not that, I've tried to get work done yet....

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