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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary

Multiple Stargazer lily blossoms

The beauty of the water is always changing,
With the light, the weather and the season.

Yet each change holds a splendor all its own,
Each viewing precious for its own reason.

In sunshine, golden stars dance across the water.
Moonlight shines a beacon in the peaceful night.

The wind causes whitecaps to erupt and roll,
While calm brings assorted reflections of light.

The water has a new costume each day,
Perhaps gray or green, aqua or blue.

Though each view is different, the sea is the sea,
Lovely in its every color, mood and hue.

My thoughts of the sea remind me of you,
My wonderful, loving partner in life.

Through sunny days and stormy times,
We've stayed together as husband and wife.

Your love is my beacon, my star and my light;
All your colors and moods are precious to me.

You make every day an enchanting delight,
And I'll love you for all eternity.

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  1. great posting of latest happy anniversary wishes