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Monday, 30 September 2013


The longer we live in one place,

the more people we met,

the longer the list of our friends grows.

The funny thing is how this doesn't always equate to the happiness we might expect.

It tends to manifest as doing a lot for others,

lots of sharing,

lots of cheering them on,

lots of patience and forgiveness,

and hours of our days gone.

I value these opportunities.

I enjoy giving and trying to do a little extra.

I want to make others happy and I crave community.

I want the hatchlings to see the value and gain the practice of generosity.

Somehow, that isn't always the lesson they are getting.

Mama, they say, why won't she share with me and why do they only give anger, never forgiveness?

Why am I not worth generosity to them?

I believe the time has come where we need to be a lot more discriminant about who we are generous with and why.

Because generosity isn't meant to hurt.


  1. Sometimes you need to let go of toxic people and spend more time with those who don't suck the joy out of life. Friendship is supposed to be a two way street but some people just don't get that.

  2. I hear you. I've been there too. Gather those you love around you and move on a little wiser. Sending bloggy love xx