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Friday, 1 March 2013


Pocahontas Picture Number 10

One of those joys of having children.

Sharing old movies with them.

Seeing the world through their eyes, as they express their every thought.

Today, we watched Pocahontas.

My hatchlings watched a completely different movie to the one I saw as a child.

I remembered it for pro - earth happy music, cute animal characters, and a love triumphs diversity type theme.

My hatchlings called it a tragedy.

Seriously, a tragedy.

Hatchling quotes:

'Wow, she just killed someone who loved her for a bunch of bad guys. Why did she do that, Mama?'

'Do you think her choices were justified in the end?'

'What do you think we should do if one of the boy hatchlings wants to marry a girl like Pocahontas?'

'Why did she think her dreams would be over if she got married. Does marriage break your dreams Mama?'

 I shall think more carefully before choosing the next movie, that is for sure.

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