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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

This year, I got the idea in my head that I would make all our easter eggs myself. So, there have been too many hours spent up to my elbows in chocolate, a dozen cracked eggs, and I have found that I have made enough chocolate eggs for not just my five hatchlings, but enough for all the children on our island to over dose on chocolate. 

I filled various eggs with small plastic dinosaurs, flower rings, and other treats. Then I made a huge batch of turtles. 

Have I mentioned the quantity of chocolate that I have eaten...

I think I am in serious need of some exercise!

We made easter cookies too, as if there wasn't enough sugar being ingested.

(Our roast dinner was quickly devoured, so at least everyone has a tummy full of protein and veg.)

Daddy dragon decided his boys needed hair cuts. 

They were pretty shaggy.

This little guy was not certain about his new spikey do. He is coming around to the idea.

Two matching little boys!

It is lovely to see him not pushing hair out of his face.

He loves hats.

This hatchling.

He is often picking up his sisters and big brother's hats and wearing them around the house.

Who can blame him, he wears them well.

We set a new batch of eggs in the incubator.

Sussexes, Orphingtons and Arucanas have hatched in time for Easter.

Apologies for the long delay in posting.

A lot has been going on. 

I had a post planned, which was meant to feature photos from my lovely Nikon D3200, but my cord has gone missing!

Hopefully, I can find it and post those photos tomorrow. Then I can tell you more about our upcoming adventures!

Happy Easter, I hope you have had an excellent day!

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  1. Your two boys look very handsome with their new haircuts, Happy Easter to you all :)