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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

First chicks of 2015

This hatchling barely remembers the chicks from previous years. He is smitten and vibrates with excitement as he peers into the incubator.

I'm trying a new set up this year, with the Brinsea eco brooder.

I have the chicks and their brooder inside a large 120cm rabbit cage. I'm hoping that will keep them safe from our moggies. 

I know that many others choose to invest in the mini chick drinkers and food dispensers. 

I use jar lids. 

I throw everything away after every batch of chicks. 

I like that disposability, because no one is exempt from potential infections or diseases.

I line the brooder with paper towel which is changed several times a day, so I just let them play about scratching in their crumbs. 

It isn't tidy, but it is easy to keep clean.

Ducks... ducks are a different brooder of birds. 

Right now, I am enjoying the laid back care required for chicks. 

In comparison to ducklings. 

It is so sweet how quickly they develop this chicken behaviour.

Welcome to the world little birdies!

In case you had not noticed, we are happy you are here. 

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