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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Moving house - Almost done!

The blog has been a bit neglected,

Because we have been busy moving house.

To a different island,

with different beaches,

which, of course, we have had to stop and explore.

There has been lots to do and think about.

This is our new view,

pretty awesome.

Our new garden.

A football playing hatchling,

did very well at his tournament.

And there has been

many a back garden football game

played on our new the shaggy lawn.

We are still adventuring,

lots of playing on the beach,

is this not

completely spectacular?

And look,

just across the water, see those tiny houses, well the one third from the left, with the white boat beside it...

that is our new home!

Well, we are digging our selves out of our house moving rut, and will be back sharing adventures.

And hopefully soon, I will do a series on our home renovations, because we have so much we want to do with this new place. 

Wishing you happy days.

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