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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The duck side

This side of the house - 

is the duck side.

They have taken over and even the chickens won't go there. 

I have repeatedly been told by others that there are no mentionable differences between an Aylesbury and a CherryValley duck. We have some of each: the one with the grey green bill is a 20 week old CherryValley, and the one behind is an Aylesbury. She is 15 weeks old and is a slow growing heritage strain.

I don't think we will bother with CherryValley ducks next year.

If I want a big white duck, I'll rear Aylesburys.

These two white ducks are a pair of our white Campbells. They have become our permanent 'babies'.

The ones behind, we adopted at a week old from someone who couldn't care for them. I have no idea what breed they are! Though, I'm secretly hoping they might be Appleyards. 

We also have a breeding pair of Khaki Campbells. Hopefully, next year they will provide us with some  cute little ducklings.

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