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We are a hard working, family of eight. Swimming in the sea when we aren't busy on our small holding. Daddy dragon has to work away a lot, so this blog is to let him keep up with our adventures at home.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A year has passed by

And it is not that I haven't noticed. 

The little lambs are all out in the field across the road. 

Little wobbly legs, blue painted numbers on their sides to match their mamas. 

This year has been full of wonderful changes. 
A whole lot of growth. 
Nonetheless, it just doesn't seem possible that we are doing this again.

This house moving lark. Those are the boxes of last April.

And these are today's.

(Stop laughing! I am completely capable of packing a box properly... I have simply lost my ability to care. Did I just write that?

So, we are moving again. As if the last time wasn't traumatic enough. Though my handsome helper is not going to be here, so perhaps there was enough trauma to ensure he is sensible enough to steer clear.

(This guy says he's driving us there, and there will be tears if I try to put his car in a big bad box.)

So, when's this move taking place?

4 days, just 4 more days.

Before the hatchlings and I, not forgetting our furred and feather family members, (whom are not insignificant in their numbers), pick up and adventure off to explore a whole new island. 

New beaches to explore, a garden to work on, and lots of hatchling requests for new projects, specifically of the animal variety.

Hatchling no1's friend brought us some of her goose eggs and her family's fresh honey. A lovely yummy gift.

Hatchling no4 spotted the goose eggs and declared, 'I am going to eat d'at one. Put the others in the incubator, and when my dinos hatch then I can have 'normous eggs for breakfast everyday!'

I hope he won't be too disappointed, when they hatch out as goslings. Perhaps, he could name then Pterodactyl and the like.

The hatchlings have already signed up for new groups and activities, and are plotting their summer.

The girls have made a few good friends and there are many plans to make the most of the inter - island ferries for sleepovers and back garden camp outs.

I can't wait for this to be over, but much like last year, it is all about keeping perspective. So much is waiting for us just over the horizon, and there is plenty of happiness to be found in the now. 

Perhaps, there is just enough time for one last play on our favourite beach.

Before we bid a fond farewell, to our wind turbine laden island. 

Thank you for a wonderful year.

No doubt, we'll visit you again,

but these boots were made for exploring. 

A new adventure is calling on the wind.

(I may have limited internet for about a week from next Wednesday, so if there isn't a post for a bit, we'll be back, and hopefully more regular as per last year.)


  1. I hope everything goes smoothly for your move,not an easy task with so many children "helping" and animals to see to.Enjoy your new home :)

  2. Best of luck with the move.......which island is it next? I often look over from Papay to Sanday and think of you there......which way should I look now?! Amanda x

    1. HI Amanda,

      We are headed to Holm, for a little bit anyways, bleurg, house circumstance and all that jazz. :) We should still try to get the children together for a play, especially as the weather is becoming brighter. Perhaps, we could come out to see you? Though if you are heading our way we'd love to meet you and yours.

      Take care and thank you for your comment. x

    2. Yes we would LOVE to see you - always welcome over here anytime and If I am anywhere near Holm I will definately give you a shout - many best wishes for the move. My email is beyondastralskies at live dot co dot uk - do give me a shout anytime x

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