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Sunday, 26 March 2017

For Epilepsy Awareness day

There is nothing that I would ask anyone to do,

But there is something that I would ask everyone to stop doing.

Stop assuming,

That tantrumming child in the supermarket, 

Might be having a seizure, 

That parent who is in front of you in the aisle, with the baby grizzling in the trolley,

Might need to get her milk bought, and out to the car - just as quickly as you,

Do not assume and shove past her.

That child who still can not walk,

Do not assume it is lazy parenting,

Why is she still being carried about?

See how confident you might feel with some myclonic tremours knocking your balance astray.

Do not assume,

Just let people be.

And maybe give a little patience,

Because they might be fighting a battle you can neither see, nor understand.

And the least you can do is not add to their burden.

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