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Saturday, 28 May 2016


We have had six weeks of our lives stolen,

and as compensation we've been given epilepsy.

This hatchling has been on ten airplanes to hospital afar, 

and our family has felt upside down and inside out, ever since one itty bitty, normal seeming doctor appointment.

It has been important, and necessary. 

All consuming and overwhelming too,

I think we have all grown a great deal.

And I can not express how proud I am of this little girl,

who takes it all in her stride.

As we learned words we had not known: West syndrome, Lennox - Gastaut syndrome, myclonic seizures, and more.

I had been so unthankfully oblivious to the inner workings of children's hospitals.

And I think those 'play assistants' should have a much more empowering name. They are the bringers of joy, normalcy, and distraction in difficult times.

We are home now, with more airplanes and hospital appointments in our future.

But for now, we get to pick up our lives, and grow stronger with this wonderful girl, who smiles generously, always.

And we are so very blessed.

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