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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ignorance is bliss

I have been reported, not once, but three times now, in 24 hours by a busy body.

It is humbling, this experience.

However, let's get a few facts straight.

10-week old lambs do not need a continuous supply of feed. They eat grass; that is the nature of their digestion. I supplement ours by offering extra feed twice a day, what they do not eat in an hour is removed, because I do not want them eating spoiled food, that can make them ill. Nor, do I want to encourage pests. Which can spread disease or become aggressive.

Lambs are also not being 'abused' by my children. My children play with them as puppies. If you see one of our lambs with a sun hat on, pursuing a football alongside five children, this lamb is being loved. Not abused.

Equally, pigs eat apples. This is not harmful tables scraps. It is illegal to feed livestock scraps, but it is not abuse to feed them fresh fruit and vegetables that are bought with the intent of them being animal food.

Another point, an animal is perfectly capable of choosing when to shelter from the rain. Our pigs have the option of going undercover, but I do not lock them inside for every second it rains. I trust them to make their minds up.

If you have a problem, and clearly someone does, please do report me again.

Both the RSPCA and the police think it is a joke.

I wish I could not take it so personally. However, I am pleased to say, they have come out to check on our animals, again. They have had nothing, but praise for our animals.

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